Independent Living Placement

Seniors that qualify for independent living placement are those that possess the physical ability & the mental capacity to live in an independent manner.

Independent Living Placement

Independent living placement involves communities designed to provide housing to seniors. These communities are most often referred to as “retirement communities,” but may also be referred to as “senior housing units” or “retirement homes”.

Designed for the baby boomers of today’s world, independent living placement communities are created for seniors that require only limited amounts of assistance. These specially-designed communities are designed to offer a high range of high-quality physical, social, and intellectual activities that are put into place to enhance a resident’s enjoyment during the golden years of their life.

Life Enhancement Opportunities

It is a common perception that the retirement years are meant to be enjoyed. Many seniors claim that their “golden years” are the most enjoyable years of their life, as most are past common life “stressors” of paying mortgages, raising children and having the day-to-day responsibilities of working a standard job.

Seniors that qualify for independent living placement are those that possess the physical ability and the mental capacity to live in an independent manner; however, desire to have the unique companionship of others that are their age.

Promoting Healthy, Happy, and Active Lifestyles

Independent living placement communities are designed with services, activities and amenities that are intended to encourage health, happiness and lifestyles that are active.

The following outlines a few of the main offerings that may be discovered in these types of communities:

  • A high level of community involvement to ensure that all members have a place
  • Activities and events that promote a person’s sense of self and optimizes their confidence levels
  • Maintenance-free living
  • On-site activities and events
  • Off-site activities and events

“Retirement is all about embracing your future and leaving the past behind. Enjoy the years ahead!” – Unknown

Unique Services, Based on Desire and Need

When seeking out independent living placement for your loved one, you may notice that all communities offer unique services. While many are based on need, there are quite a few that are based on the desires of those that reside within the community.

The following outlines some of the most common services found in these luxurious environments:

  • Rooms and/or housing that is semi-private, or completely private
  • Daily home-cooked meals. This could include anywhere from one to three meals and snacks each day
  • Housekeeping services, maintenance services, and laundry services
  • On-site barber and beauty services for the residences
  • Exercise and sports activities
  • Social programs
  • Social activities, such as community gatherings and cook-outs
  • Hobby programs

Let Us Help You Discover the Perfect Community for Your Loved One

Beacon Senior Advisors offers a 100% FREE service that helps you help your loved one find the perfect independent living placement community for his/her unique needs and wants.

Our network of providers specializes in spacious living areas, common areas with a high level of style and elegance and a multitude of services that will optimize your loved one’s comfort and satisfaction – not only in the community, but in their life as well.

Contact us today to discover a lavish senior living community that will enhance the golden years of life.

“Save your golden days as time goes by – Before golden years expire.” – Richard L. Ratliff

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