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As we all know, being vegan or raw vegan is still quiet unusual in the...

As we all know, being vegan or raw vegan is still quiet unusual in the mainstream, though more and more information is available in the mass media.

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Vegans & Vegetarians in Germany An increasing trend

In Germany, approximately 8-9 % of the population is vegetarian and 1,5 % are vegan, about 1.2 Million people. A trend that is increasing, as the German Vegetarian Association states. More and more vegan cafs, restaurants and stores show up, the cafetarias in the universities of Berlin offer vegan and vegetarian meals.

Still, mingling with the mainstream carnivore folks can be challenging, with questions from "Where do you get your protein?" to just subliminal or open aggression for those, who do not participate in the common "bad habits".

Recharge in the raw vegan & vegan community

Luckily, there are a lot of options to recover from rather wearisome experiences in the raw vegan community. Events and meet-ups take place regularly, in Berlin even several times a week.

Raw vegan potlucks

My favourites are the raw vegan potlucks. Everyone brings a fresh raw organic vegan dish and shares with the others. It's a great way to meet new people, exchange recipes and just get inspired. You will be amazed, how many like-minded, passionate people you can connect with. (see picture above)


A special form of raw vegan potlucks are fruitlucks, where people just bring their ripe fruit to share. This is ideal for frutarians or people who do 80/10/10, for all the sugar-monkeys;-)

Vegan monthly meet-ups

The vegan community in Berlin is also active, meeting twice a month for a dinner at a rotating vegan restaurant. That's how you can experience Berlin from it's vegan culinary side.

Animal rights

Also, there are quiet a lot of groups engaged in animals rights. Check out Animal Equality and their powerful protest. Get involved and speak up for those, who can't speak for themselves.

Herbal hiking-tour (Kruterwanderung)

Go hiking in a local park or on the countryside to pick herbs and wild edibles. Guided tours are also possible, in Berlin Mark Weiland is the person to ask. A healthy way to get your greens in. And it's for free!

No meet-up in your town?

Create your own! Invite friends over, pamper them with raw vegan delights, tell the about the benefits of your lifestyle. That's how you get them excited and create a community on your own.

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