5 Reasons Why Swimming Is a Great Exercise for Seniors

As individuals start to age, exercise becomes an increasingly essential in maintaining the health and ensuring optimal fitness. Physical activities – such as swimming – helps seniors gain strength, improve their range of mobility, and aids in building energy levels.Swimming A Great Exercise For Seniors

Additionally, exercise helps to reduce the possibility for the development of injuries, enhances the mood, and improves cognitive functioning. Along with simple stretches, walking, and other standard exercises, swimming is ideal for seniors.

While considered to be a low impact exercise, it has a large impact on the health and body of an older adult. In this guide, you will learn 5 unique benefits that seniors can experience as a result of engaging in swimming.

Benefit #1: Swimming Increases Flexibility

When in a pool, the muscles become relaxed. This aids in improving flexibility within the body. Additionally, it helps to flush out any toxins within the body that may be resulting in the tightness of muscles or soreness throughout the body.

The motions that one performs while swimming will help in lengthening muscles. This helps in making the joints more flexibility. The stretching that naturally occurs while swimming is considered to be highly therapeutic. 

Benefit #2: Swimming Builds Muscles

While swimming, the muscles will start to strengthen. This process starts in the legs, moves up to the core of the body, and then to the upper body.

When muscles become stronger, the amount of fat in the body is reduced, bones become more dense and stronger, energy levels increase, metabolism is increased, and the risk of becoming injured is drastically reduced.

Benefit #3: Swimming Improves Cardiovascular Health

When older adults engage in swimming exercises, their heart health is improved. This is because the activity helps to promote many positive physiological-based changes.

The arteries will dilate more quickly, the sympathetic nervous system becomes less reactive, and the circulation in the body is improved.

This helps to reduce blood pressure, encourages the cholesterol levels to be in healthy range, and helps to regulate blood sugar.

Benefit #4: Swimming Helps to Improve Balance

While swimming, the density of the water helps in creating an environment of high resistance. This helps to develop the core muscles in the body.

When these muscles become developed, it helps to improve the senior’s balance. In turn, this helps the individual from sustaining injuries from falls and helps to improve their level of independence. 

Benefit #5: Swimming Helps to Improve Mental Health

Research has confirmed that swimming aids in alleviating stress and improving the mood. When done with others, it provides the opportunity for socialization. This helps a senior to avoid feeling as if they are isolated from others and suffering from loneliness.

All in all, it provides a mental boost that helps in emotional stability and optimal cognitive functioning.

If you know an older loved one that could benefit from swimming, it is time to make arrangements for them to engage in this enjoyable activity.

It does not matter if they live independently, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home, there are many senior swimming courses offered, nationwide.

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