5 Signs That Your Aging Parent May Be Suffering from a Kidney Problem 

If you are responsible for the care of your aging parent, it is essential that you know and understand symptoms that are associated with a variety of medical issues that may impact them.

One of the most common problems that aging populations face is the development of kidney issues. For example, chronic kidney disease is more common in those 65 or older than any other age group.

In this guide, we will outline 5 signs that may be observed in older adults that are caused by an underlying kidney problem. 

  1. Urine Changes

If you find that your older loved one has a lot of bubbles in their urine, it could be that there are excessively high levels of a protein present in the urine called albumin. This is typically caused by a kidney problem.

Additionally, if the urine is brown, pale in color, or there is blood present, your loved one needs to see a doctor immediately. 

  1. Swelling 

Kidneys filter out sodium in the body. If the kidneys experience complications in filtering out this substance, fluids will start to accumulate throughout the body.

If your parent has swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, or hands, they may have a kidney problem. In addition to this, puffiness may develop around the eyes. 

  1. Itchy Skin 

If the kidneys are no longer able to successfully flush out the toxins within the body, those will start to accumulate in the blood. In turn, your aging parent may start to itch all over their body, or they may develop a rash.

The skin may also become extremely dry because of the kidneys not being able to balance various minerals and other nutrients successfully. 

  1. Decreased Appetite 

When a person suffers from a kidney problem, they may start to experience frequent bouts of an upset stomach. In addition to this, nausea and vomiting may be experienced.

As a result, the individual may not have a desire to eat. The loss of appetite may be so extreme that the person loses weight quickly. 

 5.  Bad Breath

The kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste within the body. When the kidneys start to experience an issue with this task, a condition called uremia may develop.

In short, this results in extremely bad breath – far beyond that of normal bouts of bad breath. In addition to this, your parent may complain that the items that they consume do not taste right or that they taste metal. 


As a person ages, it is common to experience urinary and kidney-related issues. These issues may be serious. The good news is, if detected early enough, they may be managed, and the life of the kidneys may be increased.

The bad news is, if not taken seriously and allowed to progress, kidney problems could result in the development of other serious issues – such as cardiovascular diseases. 

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