5 Surprising Facts about Assisted Living

Assisted living is a specially-designed residence that offers long-term care for seniors and those with disabilities that prevent them from living completely independently.

This type of care service provides a unique combination of services in personal care, health care, and housing in direct response to the individual that requires help with normal day-to-day activities in an effort to aid in optimizing independence.

Assisted living may be set up as a freestanding community or they may be integrated with a retirement community, a hospital, or a nursing home. In this guide, you will be introduced to 5 facts that many find to be surprising about assisted living.

Surprising Facts About Assisted LivingFact #1: Assisted Living Communities Have a Wide Range in Terms of Looks and Feel

When researching assisted living communities, many mistakenly believe that all are alike and are surprised to discover that each is unique, in its own way.

There are some communities that are designed in a traditional sense, which is more formal.

Then, there are communities that resemble the average home. Interior designs range from a hospital-like atmosphere to art deco to mid-century.

These facilities may be located in the center of a city, in a suburb complex unit, or in a community of carefully-crafted cottages.

Many may have only 20 residents, while others may house hundreds of residents. These communities range in terms of looks and feel, with each having its own distinct personality.

Fact #2: There are Culturally Diverse Assisted Living Communities

Throughout the United States, many assisted living communities have been established that cater to the needs of certain groups of people. These needs may be cultural-based, lingual-based, or even religious-based.

There are communities designed for the Asian, the Chinese, the Persian, the Jewish, and even those designed for individuals that are part of the LGBTQ community.

Fact #3: Memory Care is Now a Feature in Assisted Living Communities

Due to the ever-increasing amounts of people diagnosed with dementia and other types of Alzheimer’s disease, assisted living facilities now offer memory care. This offers a safe, secured, and controlled environment that protects the individual in later stages of dementia.

The staff that works in the memory care unit has been specially-trained to work with patients suffering from types of dementia. While most units are locked, it is merely to prevent wandering and there are activities and programs scheduled throughout the day that allows the patients to go outside and in other areas in the assisted living facility, with supervision.

Fact #4: Couples May Be Placed Together

Individuals that are considered a “couple”, may be placed together in an assisted living facility. In most instances, a couple will be placed into a double occupancy unit. While this may prove to be costly in some establishments, in others it may actually cost less.

Arranging this type of care may prove to be more time consuming, but, all assisted living facilities will make the effort to assist families wishing to keep their loved ones together and united after being removed from their homes.

Fact #5: Pets Under 20 Pounds May be Allowed to Reside in Assisted Living Facilities

There are many assisted living facilities that allow pets and have a staffed pet coordinator. In most instances, the pet must be under 20 pounds.

If the pet is a dog, there may be breed specifications. Birds, fish, dogs, and cats are among the most common types of animals that are permitted to reside in an ALF.

Final Thoughts

An assisted living facility is perfect for the individual that has a disability, illness, or injury that limits their mobility, ability to care for themselves, or their success in performing daily activities.

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