April 15th – 22nd is National Healthcare Volunteer Week

In the year of 1974, National Volunteer Week was created as a way of recognizing and celebrating the commitment and efforts of all volunteers throughout the United States. April 15th-22nd this year, we place an emphasis on honoring and thanking those who volunteer in patient care. We should place a focus on their compassion, their caring, and their commitment to providing the best to the patients that they have and continue to serve in the healthcare field.

Power to Transform Lives

National Healthcare Volunteer WeekThe unique power to completely transform the lives of people and the world – as a whole – is possible. It is possible — even when it seems impossible. Volunteers make our communities a better place – regardless of where they serve. These individuals dedicate their time and efforts to better others – whether directly or indirectly. National Healthcare Volunteer Week is celebrated within the United States and beyond. It is designed to promote those in volunteerism and to show our appreciation for their positive contributions to the world.

Labor of Love

Despite all of the issues that our country has faced over the past several years, the American spirit of serving others is still very much alive and extremely well! Healthcare volunteers take a place where they give of their labor and of their love to help patients – be it infants, toddlers, children, young adults, adults, or the elderly. These volunteers make daily sacrifices to help communities, military families, veterans, the homeless, the addicted, the lost, and more. Americans give billions of hours each year to volunteering in the healthcare field and we must all recognize that fact and display our appreciation.

It has been found that healthcare volunteers also assist in other areas. Many are involved in specialized groups, and civic organizations, take part in public meetings, and take the time to lend a hand to their neighbors, their communities, and beyond.

Let’s Show Our Appreciation

We must all salute and show our appreciation for the Americans who engage in volunteerism within the healthcare industry. In addition to recognizing our volunteers, we should consider becoming a volunteer. It is our duty to -not only observe this week and show our appreciation to the nation’s volunteers – pledge ourselves to make service a strong part of our lives. We must work to remove barriers to volunteering, expand areas where volunteers may serve, and place an emphasis on the issues that are plaguing the world.

This National Healthcare Volunteer Week, thank a volunteer. Show them your appreciation. Let them know that their efforts have been recognized and that they are making a difference. While doing what you can to show your appreciation, you should also strive to commit your own time to serve others– be it in the healthcare field, education, the community, or for another specific purpose. Then, you can truly become part of the driving movements to keep care and compassion within our world.

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