Christmas in Senior Home

How to Celebrate Christmas With a Loved One Who Is in a Nursing Home

Christmas In Nursing Home

If you have a loved one that is in a nursing home – whether on a short-term rehabilitation basis or in long-term skilled nursing care – you may be wondering exactly how to celebrate Christmas with them. Many individuals in these facilities find themselves discouraged and frustrated that they are not at home to celebrate… Read More…

How Do I Help My Loved One Who Lives in a Nursing Home Celebrate the Christmas Holidays?

Elderly Woman Spending Christmas in Nursing Home

Although the Yuletide season is a joyous time, as the Christmas holidays draw near, our stress levels increase dramatically. Creating gift lists, spending all that hard-earned money, wrapping and shipping presents, filling out and mailing cards, and trying to attend all of those holiday festivities…it is enough to make anyone go a little bonkers. Did… Read More…

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