Ensuring Proper Hydration of the Elderly This Summer

Senior Staying Hydrated

Multiple risk factors pertaining to dehydration exist among the elderly. If seniors do not receive the proper hydration, they may experience poor health, the loss of their functional statis, and their quality of life is drastically reduced. Loved ones and caregivers play a highly important role in ensuring opportunities are available for an elderly loved… Read More…

5 Reasons Why Those with Dementia are Prone to Dehydration

Reasons Why Dementia Patients Get Dehydrated

As a person grows older, the risk of dehydration increases. This risk increases dramatically when that same person suffers from dementia. When one becomes dehydrated, it means that they are losing or have lost more water than they have consumed. Mild levels of dehydration start to occur when 2% of the body weight of water… Read More…

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