Memory Loss

3 Signs That Indicate Your Loved One May Benefit From Memory Care

If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, you may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to care for them as they progress through their illness. Memory care is a distinct type of senior care service that provides specialized, intensive care for individuals who suffer from memory issues. Both… Read More…

5 Reasons Why Those with Dementia are Prone to Dehydration

Reasons Why Dementia Patients Get Dehydrated

As a person grows older, the risk of dehydration increases. This risk increases dramatically when that same person suffers from dementia. When one becomes dehydrated, it means that they are losing or have lost more water than they have consumed. Mild levels of dehydration start to occur when 2% of the body weight of water… Read More…

What Are the Early Signs of Memory Loss in Older Adults

Signs Of Memory Loss In Older Adults

As individuals grow older, it is increasingly likely that memory loss may start to occur. According to most, one of the biggest concerns among older adults and their loved ones is that as they grow older, they will become more forgetful. This stems from the fact that most people believe forgetfulness is the first sign… Read More…

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