Activities That Seniors and Caregivers Can Do Together This Summer

seniors walking on trail

Summer is here.  As the days heat up and the weather becomes more and more beautiful, you may already be thinking about summer activities that you can do – as a caregiver – with a senior whom you assist on a regular basis. This is a great time to get outdoors and soak up some… Read More…

3 Enjoyable Activities for Seniors to Do in the Summer Months

The summer months are known for lots of beautiful sunshine, but it is also known for extreme weather conditions and excessively high temperatures – all of which may prove to be dangerous to seniors. It is a known fact that the elderly are more sensitive to the heat. Despite this, older adults should still be… Read More…

How Can You Tell When an Elderly Person Is Dehydrated?


Dehydration is a dangerous medical issue – regardless of age – however, it has been established that the elderly is at the highest risk for dehydration in evaluating risks among various age groups. According to statistics, up to 30% of all people who are hospitalized over the age of 65 are determined to be dehydrated…. Read More…

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