Discussing Assisted Living Options with Your Loved One

If your loved one needs assistance with daily tasks, Assisted Living may be the most appropriate senior housing option.  Approaching your loved one with the option of assisted living may prove to be challenging.  In this guide, we will offer a few suggestions that may help with the endeavor.

nurse with an assisted living patientResearch Your Options

Before initiating the conversation about assisted living, you should start by researching your options. It is quite likely that your loved one will have many questions and concerns. If you have done the research and are able to present them with facts about assisted living, it will offer them some reassurance and they are more likely to be a bit more open-minded about the senior care option.

You should learn about the costs associated with the care, how the facility is set up, what tasks they will receive help with, the facilities that have availability, and similar information. You will likely need assistance with this. We here at Beacon Senior Advisors offer client education services that will help you obtain all of the facts that you need about assisted living facilities in and around the area.

Consider the Mental and Emotional State of Your Loved One

Before discussing assisted living facilities with your loved one, you should consider their mental and emotional state. Do they suffer from a cognitive problem – such as dementia – that may make it difficult to explain what assisted living is and how they will benefit from it? Do they have a mental illness that may result in emotional complications when the idea of a transition to a senior care facility is mentioned?

Resistance is coming; however, for many, it is necessary. You should reassure your loved one that you know and understand that this is a very challenging and scary issue, but that it may be the best option for their well-being. Additionally, it is important that they know that you will offer them the highest level of support through the transition. This may make it much easier on them.

Get Help with The Discussion

If you are having a hard time discussing assisted living options with your loved one, it may be time to obtain help with the conversation. It is often best to get people together who your loved one knows, trusts, and feels comfortable with.

It is also advised that you interview a specialist that has a lot of knowledge on assisted living facilities and may be able to address questions, concerns, and fears that your loved one may have. Beacon Senior Advisors is here to help.  If you would like to start the conversation, please call Beacon Senior Advisors at 973-713-0096 or visit us at www.BeaconSeniorAdvisors.com

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