Giving the Gift of Your Time and Love to Your Elderly Loved Ones This Holiday Season

During this holiday season, you may have had the opportunity to visit with elderly loved ones.  Whether you realized it or not, that was the best gift you could ever give.  Throughout the year, the best gifts you can provide your elderly loved ones are your time and your love.

This is especially true of those older adults that are now living alone and/or reside in an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility. Continue reading to learn how the practical – yet highly meaningful – gifts of your time and love are cherished. 

Gift of Your Time and Love to Your Elderly Loved OnesIt Places Them at the Center of Attention

Age, lack of mobility, and illness may make it difficult for us to reach any degree of comfort in visiting our elderly loved ones. Not our age, mobility issues, and/or illnesses – but theirs. It may make us feel sad, uncomfortable, or even guilty.

The truth of the matter is, it is not about us, it is about them. By giving them the gift of our time and our love, we are placing them at the center of our attention. It shows them, that despite it all, they still hold a special place in our hearts and in our lives. It lets them know that we still love, value, and cherish them.

It Helps Them Overcome Feelings of Loneliness

It is quite common for older adults to experience bouts of loneliness. This often stems from their dwindling social circles, varying degrees of health issues, changes occurring within their life, moving to housing facilities, and loss of transportation. All of these issues often result in isolation.

Unfortunately, loneliness can negatively impact the health and may result in a lower quality of life. By socially engaging with an older loved one, you can help improve their cognitive skills, provide a boost to their mental well-being, and even help them develop a stronger immune system.

By stopping by for a visit and giving a loved one your time and your love, you are helping them overcome feeling lonely and will help their mental and physical well-being.

It Provides a Sense of Belonging

When adults age, they often feel as if they no longer “belong”. This is especially true if they reside in an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

By giving them the gift of your time and your love, you are reassuring them that they still hold a special place in your heart and in your life. This instills in them a sense of belonging. In turn, it increases their happiness level. Seniors who are older and happier often have better health.

Distant Relatives Can Participate Too

Even if you live at a distance, a phone call to your elderly loved one will make their day.  If there is a young grandchild, niece or nephew who can say hello on the phone, it is sure to put a smile on the face of the senior and the child.

Let Us Help You Help Your Loved One

We here at Beacon Senior Advisors can help you help the ones who you love. Our approach is not only to assist in ensuring that your loved one has the best care but also including them as part of the process. Simply call us today at: 973-713-0096 or visit

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