How Seniors Benefit from Being with Other Seniors

Seniors SocializingAs people age, they will experience many social changes – in terms of family members, friends, and neighbors. These changes often result in detrimental effects to the physical, mental, and emotional health of the senior.

Examples of the changes that may affect one’s social connection to others are relocation, medical needs, and  death of a spouse/partner.

In a world that is constantly evolving and experiencing a multitude of changes, it is considered highly beneficial for a senior to spend time with people their own age.

Social Capital

The term “social capital” is quickly taking on new ground. This describes relationships that aid in building trust, accumulating connections, and encouraging participation within a group setting.

It is common for seniors to find that their general level of social capital has declined as they have aged.

Retirement, the loss of loved ones to illness and death, people moving away from one another – all of these situations deeply cut into a senior’s social capital and results in an immense reduction social contact.

Social Connections Can Improve Health

Seniors who relate to other seniors directly and have high levels of social contact may have a boost to health. When the body and the brain are active, the overall health of seniors is better than the health of those seniors who are not engaged socially.

Social Capital Results in a Sense of Purpose

It has been found that seniors who interact with others their age develop a strong sense of purpose in their life. This results in fewer bouts of depression, fewer issues with physical problems, and optimized cognitive functioning.

Seniors often feel isolated and alone. By spending time with others with similar concerns, they each improve their own quality of life.

Seniors understand one another and all that they have been through and dealt with throughout life. In identifying this common ground, they will no longer feel “alone”.

Ways to Increase Social Capital

Among the options to increase social capital are:

1. Attend events/join clubs at the local senior center.

2. Participate in programs at the library, churches, or synagogues.

3. Move to an adult community.

4. If physical assistance is needed, move to an Assisted Living Facility, where there is an abundance of activities to participate in.

Beacon Senior Advisors

We here at Beacon Senior Advisors know and understand the overall importance of social capital. We can meet with you and your older loved one to discover the perfect place for them to connect with other people their age.

We take great pride in ensuring optimal care for the elderly and make great strides to ensure that they receive the care and connections that they truly need to be healthy. For more information, contact us today by calling: 973-713-0096 or visit us at

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