How to Talk to Your Parent About Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

As your parent grows older and into their senior years, there may come a time when it is no longer considered safe or appTalk to Your Parent Talking To Senior Parent About Moving Into Assisted Living Facility .jpgropriate for them to live on their own. This time typically becomes evident when you notice that they are unable to complete common, everyday activities on their own.

As an adult child, you may find it difficult to observe and cope with the changes that are known to occur during the senior season of your parent’s life. In fact, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed.

We all are accustomed to our parents taking care of us. When the time comes where we must care for our parents, it is often confusing, stressful, and completely devastating.

The good news is, there are a wide plethora of options available for today’s aging population. Continue reading to learn how to have the discussion with your parent that it may be time to consider relocating to an assisted living facility.

Become Familiar with Assisted Living

The first step in talking to your parent about assisted living is to become familiar with this senior living option. You should learn as much as possible so that you may explain what an assisted living facility is to your parent and answer any questions that they may have.

In short, assisted living facilities offer a safe place for those that need a little help with the activities associated with daily living (ADL). These facilities offer independent living options, services, amenities, medication management, and assistance with tasks like dressing, showering, and cleaning.

Additionally, these communities offer social events, recreational activities, and even memory care, if it is needed.

 Start Easy and in a Comfortable Setting

If you are an adult child that has observed your parent struggling with day-to-day life, your parent has probably recognized this issue, too. Many start the conversation with their parent only to discover that the possibility has crossed their mind already.

No parent wants to burden their child; however, everyone desires to be as independent for as long as possible. It is difficult to uproot from a long life and move into a new place. There may be a bit of resilience from your parent. This is common.

It is important to start easy when you are ready to have the conversation and make certain everyone is comfortable. Try to avoid starting off on the defense as this will immediately put your parent on the defense.

Simply start off by explaining that you have noticed that they have been experiencing some difficulties in daily activities and, because of your love for them, you have researched some ways to help, with assisted living being the main method.

Encourage Your Parent to Take an Active Role

Your parent has lived a long life. They have raised children, maintained their household, worked some jobs, and lived independently. They are used to making their own choices and having a say in over what happens to them.

When talking to them about the possibility of moving to assisted living, ask what they think. Then, offer to let them tour facilities with you and pick the facility that they like best. They may be at a point where they are ready for a change and are willing to accept help.

By promising to allow them to take an active role in the transition, you are helping them come to terms with it. Additionally, it helps them to feel as if THEY are responsible for the move and did not place the burden on you.

Involve a Senior Advisor

While you are your parent’s advocate, it is ideal to enlist the assistance of a senior advisor when discussing assisted living with them.

These are professionals that work together with you and your parent to determine the best living option for them, based on their healthcare needs, their financial situation, where they are located, and the lifestyle that they are used to.

These advisors can help explain the various living options available, the levels of care provided at each, and steps on how to make the transition easy. Senior advisors typically offer their service for free.

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