May 2021 Marks The Celebration of Our Appreciation for the Nation’s Nurses

May Nurses WeekEach May, we come together to celebrate the wondrous dedication, commitment, and works of the nurses that serve us in the medical field. The week of May 6th 2021 – May 12th 2021 marks the official dedication known as “Nurses Week 2021”.

We will be honoring and celebrating registered nurses, those that serve as nurse practitioners, LPNs, and all other types of nurses that have dedicated their lives and their work to the ultimate betterment of others. In this brief guide, we will expound on the concept of this very special and unique celebration.

 What Is Nurses Week All About?

Nurses week is a yearly celebration that occurs each May for all nurses. This celebration allows us to recognize nurses and show our appreciation for these professionals.

While nurse’s week is a celebration of these professionals as a whole, there are days throughout the Month of May that focus on certain types of nurses:

  • May 6th is National School Nurse Day
  • May 8th is National Student Nurses Day
  • May 12th is International Nurses Day

Celebration and Reflection

Nurses on the frontline and other types of medical staff are still struggling to provide the highest level of care to populations ailing with numerous illnesses. Today’s nurses are not only faced with the mental and physical health challenges of their patients, but their own, too.

Despite all of the challenges being faced, nurses are continuing to do their work and help people in their communities. They are not giving up, despite being completely overwhelmed. They work to ensure that every person receives the care that they need.

This nurse’s week will be one that celebrates these professionals, but also reflects on all that they have been through -and we have been through as a world -in the past year. It is a celebration that marks the capabilities of all of the nurses and their incredible strength -even enduring during times of immense hardship.

Where it All Began

In the year of 1953, a worker by the name of Dorothy Sutherland proposed that there be an annual Nurse Day. That never came to pass; however, to mark and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale and her work in wartime, the first Nurses Week occurred in October of 1954.

It was not an official celebration and was not really celebrated again until the year of 1974. It was then that May 12th – which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday – was declared International Nurse Day by the International Council of Nurses. Soon, President Nixon dedicated a week in February as National Nurse Week.

Eventually, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation on May 6th 1982 that May 6th would serve as the official day for recognizing nurses within the United States. In 1991, the American Nurses Association (ANA) pushed for the week-long celebration, which was to be known as “National Nurses Week”. Finally, the ANA and the governing directors established that May 6th through May 12th would be the annual “Nurses Week” celebration.

This year, be sure to recognize and show your appreciation for all of the nurses and their dedication to the commitment of care and excellence to all of their patients!

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