Memory-Boosting Exercises for Seniors

As we age, the body experiences many complications. We suffer from loss of muscle mass, our bones become less dense, the skin thins, wrinkles develop, and other physiological effects occur. Additionally, our brains change, too. Its unique ability to withstand various types of neurological damage is detrimentally impacted. Memory Boosting Exercise For Seniors

Decline become noticeable in our cognitive abilities and in terms of memory. Medical professionals have established that the brain is a muscle. In order to ensure that it maintains its abilities, we must exercise it. This aids in improvements in the ability to solve problems, perform tasks, and – most importantly – it is an excellent means of memory care.

In this guide, you will be introduced to exercises that help to provide a natural boost to the brain; therefore, optimizing all cognitive functions and its ability to retain and recall information.

Perform Exercises That Improve Circulation in the Body

To improve the mind, we must start with the body. One of the most productive measures is to engage in exercises that are known to have a positive impact on the circulation within the body. If the circulation is optimized, the blood flow into the brain will be improved. Circulation helps the brain by delivering oxygen, glucose, and a wide assortment of other nutrients to it.

If there is poor circulation to the brain, high levels of oxidative stress will occur. In turn, brain cells will die and the risk for neurodegenerative conditions such as memory loss, dementia, and impaired cognitive functioning may occur.

Examples of exercises that should be done to provide a boost to the memory include aerobics, walking, deep-breathing exercises, and weight lifting. Remember, before starting any exercise program, consult with your doctor to obtain approval.

Make Learning a Lifelong Habit

According to research, those that have a high level of education have higher levels of mental functioning when they become older. In order to be mentally active, you should strive to make learning a lifelong habit.

There are many ways you may perform this memory-boosting exercise. You may take a class at your local college or online, make an effort to learn something new on your own each day, learn a new hobby, or activities that are similar in nature.

Learning helps preserve all of the connections in the brain and help you to retain and recall information more easily.

Read Regularly

Reading is considered to be one of the easiest and most exciting memory-boosting activities for seniors. In a recent study on memory in the aging, it was discovered that reading assists in the overall prevention of memory loss when a person grows older.

It does not matter if you read a newspaper, a book, on your Kindle, or on the computer; you will have the potential to experience up to 50% less memory loss – over time – than others as you age.

Memory Care Services

If you have a concern over your memory, you will be pleased to know that there are many memory care services available to you. These may be used in conjunction with the memory-boosting exercises outlined in this guide.

You may work directly with health care professionals that not only understand the effects of aging and common issues associated with memory loss, but they also know steps and measures that can help you boost your memory. For more information, contact us here at Beacon Senior Advisors today by calling: 973-713-0096

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