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Distant healing with WHEE

1. If you are asking about the mechanism(s) by which distant healing is effective, the answer is that no one knows for sure. Many scientists have addressed this question, considering all known forms of energies and the little that is known about consciousness.

Because the effects of all known energies diminish with distance from the source of energy, no such theory appears tenable because distant healing effects occur around the world and there does not appear to be a diminished effect.

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The same is true of psychic telepathy, clairsentience, precognition and psychokinesis (mind influencing matter). Based on this information, my own belief is that we are all part of a collective consciousness that includes all other people, all other living beings, and all other so-called inanimate matter in the universe. I believe that it is consciousness that makes distant healing possible.

2. If you are asking about the mental processes by which healers send healing, these vary broadly according to the healing traditions/ methodologies, belief systems of healers, and their personal gifts of healing.

Some use mental imagery, visualizing the changes required to achieve health or visualizing the desired end state of health. As you note, there may be a felt state of connectedness, toning or chanting, healing rituals, etc. Others invoke prayers, and some of these include beliefs that if prayers are not offered within their own religious frameworks of belief that they are no good or even the work of the devil. Prayers may be outcome-oriented, in which case the healer may again be pushing the healee towards the healer's desired goal states of health. Prayers may be invitations to the healee to shift, change and grow; and/or to a higher power to intervene to facilitate the same - leaving the outcome to the higher wisdom of the healee and the higher power.

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