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The Long Term Effects Of Today's Decisions

The decisions we make today will not only affect out tomorrow, but is also capable of transforming our entire destiny either positively or negatively. Everything we desire in life is directly proportional to the decision we implement. There is absolutely nothing on planet earth that does not require this process.

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Great men became great, not because they had more brain than those who we're failures, but because they we're willing to undertake this delicate process. There is a thin line of difference between poverty and prosperity, and this thin line is based on the quality of decision we make in life.

Delay is dangerous

The difference between the rich and the poor lies in their ability to make quick decisions. A rich man would never contemplate for too long before he makes up his mind on an investment opportunity. On the other hand, a poor fellow will always delay taking a decision on a business opportunity, because he does not have the capacity to take reasonable risk. There is a time and season for everything under the sun and the more we delay with regard to making a move in a particular direction, the more stranded we may eventually end up in life.

Dont be foolish

Fools wait till the coast is clear before planning to undertake a journey. They don't believe in taking risk, as they prefer to stick to their comfort zone instead of opting for the unknown. A wise person makes his own decision and will never wait for others to have a say in something that would determine their destiny. A fool will prefer to stand in the middle of the road and choose not to cross to either side of the road for fear of been killed by oncoming vehicles.

It transforms ideas into reality

Millions of individuals roam the street with proposals and business plan without bothering to implement what they have written in black and white. They believe in the benevolence of other individuals in the realization of their dreams and visions. When we fail to take decisive steps towards implementing our ideas and plans, we become ultimately victims of our own undoing.

Your decision may not be popular, but it's your choice

Never expect everyone to embrace your choice concerning an issue. There are practical cases where people scorned at the decision of entrepreneurs and inventors, but when the results began to manifest, their murmuring and criticism we're silence. We must all realize that the idea of pleasing everyone is not only impossible, but absolutely foolish. It is a sheer waste of time and energy. All you have to do is prayerfully take your stand concerning an issue and stick to it.

Nobody will implement the process on your behalf

One should not expect anyone to undertake the process of choosing what is best for you. Some years ago, it was fashionable in Nigeria to see parents choosing suitors for their sons. This trend has however gone into extinction with the realization that ones destiny is tied to the ability to correctly choose between different options available.

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