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3 Lifestyle Changes I am Embracing.

I have an aim for this month, which is to complete a particularly difficult chapter on solipsism. See, the concept dominated my thinking for a good three years at least, and I still get little bursts and anxieties about it now so it's an important part of the book. I know the concept, and I know how it affected me, but I'm not too hot on explaining it to people clearly and concisely. So I'm going to read up on certain philosophical texts and see if I can articulate my ideas a bit better once I've done that.

On top of that news, I've decided I need to reform my life, in small steps mind. Having tried doing it (volunteering/losing weight/learning programming etc.) in one go before collapsing in the past, multiple times, has solidified the idea that smaller steps are better. The progress will become apparent soon enough anyway. So, what do I need to change?

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Weight : I'm down 2lbs! At my peak I weighed in at 107kg; now it's 105kg. This is good, but nothing to scream about, especially given that not much of it was down to exercise this fortnight. The diet's been consistently terrible as well, which is why I'm surprised that I've lost weight. I think it's a good idea to rethink how I'm going about losing weight. After all: "The definition of insanity is repeating the same things again and again and expecting different results". Going cold turkey on unhealthy foods and constant walking isn't cutting it, so I need to approach the matter differently. I'd like to hit 80kg at least, enough to pull me out of the heart attack zone. What the time frame for this is, I have no idea, but it means losing 25kg, or 55lbs/4 stone. This gives me a constant aim to go for.,

Writing : Solipsism chapter aside, I aim to do one sentence a day, minimum. This sounds ridiculously small, but it usually means that I get into the flow anyway and write significantly more. Contrast this with my usual approach where I aim to do 1000 words in a sitting and then burn out by the 1st word and it should be apparent that the former is much better. The overall aim: finish the book. The thought feels very monumental, very scary and very exciting.:)

Meditation : I suck at stress management; the slightest bit of pressure can cripple me. I tried to volunteer for the CAB this week but got so worked up I didn't even make the open day/interview. If I'm ever gonna have a job, I need to work on this. Mindfulness has been floated around a lot recently as an aide. In fact, the mindfulness course by BeMindful was examined by an Oxford University study where there was a decrease on average of 40% in stress and almost 60% for anxiety. This took place after a month of starting the course! Not sure if aiming to meditate once a day is aiming too high so I think I'll have to tweak this goal along the way.

So that's three areas I need to work on. Finishing the book and getting fit gets me the most excited; the thought of being a published author and able to be at a healthy weight makes me happy.

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