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Are you a tea lover?

Are you a tea lover? Have you tasted Oolong tea? Not just it is good and tasty to drink, oolong tea benefits are so enormous that I only can list 15 of them which I think you should know.

I am sure you will be happy to hear this great health news because according to one study done by World Health Organization (WHO), the tea found to contain many nutrients and minerals that are beneficial and useful to our body. Among the benefits of the tea are stated below: -

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1. It can relieve fatigue, increase metabolism, protect the heart, blood vessels, intestines and liver.

2. It is able to 'inspire', enhance brain power and memory of a person.

3. The tea can prevent tooth decay. It is said that the practice of drinking tea in a child can lower the risk of tooth decay by 60%

4. The tea can slow and prevent fatty buildup at the wall of blood vessels, preventing hardening of the coronary artery, prevent high blood pressure and blood vessels plaque in the brain.

5. Drinking it can delay aging process. Anti-aging effects found in tea leaves are double and 18 times more composition of vitamin E

6. It can stimulate the central nervous and boost the strength and movement of body.

More oolong tea benefits below:

7. Routine tea drinking can reduce body weight and slim your body thus improve body figure.

8. It is also believed to overcome the cataracts problem which commonly suffered by elderly folks. It also used as eye drops to cleanse the eyes

9. Not only that, it can also be used as a home remedy for treating mouth inflammation and throat inflammatory which frequently attacks in the summer.

10. The tea can protect the function of blood formation. Tea leaves contain substances that protect from radiation. It was said that drinking tea while watching television can reduces the risk of radiation from the television and protects your eyesight.

11. It can control and protect the smooth flow of blood in the body thus reduce any possible clogging and blocking in blood vessel.

12. The tea can easily and quickly absorbed into the body and oxidized. It is used for treatment of digestive disorders

13. Cools the body and lower body temperature. It is told that after nine minutes of warm tea, body temperature decreased by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius.

14. The leaves contain adequate micronutrient elements that are very much beneficial for the body.

15. Tea leaves can curb the growth of cancer cells. Acidic condition in our cells promote cancerous cells. But when body acidic level is under control, body cells can heal and regenerate itself. Drinking the tea can help to neatralize acidic condition in our body thus eliminate cancerous cells.

Oolong tea benefits are just too many, but it's sufficient to know that drinking tea that contain this ingredient will ensure you live a healthier life. Drink tava tea as it contains this powerful natural ingredient. It is unique, it is tasty and it comes in a pyramid shape to ensure you received the best tea extraction when hot water is poured on it.

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