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Occupational health: preventing health risks at work

Created in 2005, the European Monitoring risk is a component of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (created it in 1996). Its mission is to anticipate, as far upstream as possible, new and emerging risks in the development of genuine culture of risk prevention. " It now publishes a booklet entitled New and Emerging Risks associated with safety and health at work. This one-thirty pages, accessible to all voluntary, reviews the major new and emerging risks.

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Health at Work: Workers Compensation

Some risks are specific to one type of business or certain sectors. This is the case, for example, chemical risks in SMEs. These small companies have in effect a rate of accidents involving hazardous substances generally higher than in large firms. Although extensive use of chemicals, SMEs do not always have the skills and procedures as advanced as in large industrial groups. Exposure to ultraviolet rays is another example, with more than two million cases of skin cancer recorded in Europe. It affects both people working outdoors and exposed to natural UV (eg farmers) and those exposed to artificial sources (as in drying technology and phototherapy).

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