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Even highly trained medical professionals can miss the mark in prescribing medications for insomnia. While sleep aids and pills might help you fall asleep fast, studies have shown the constant use of prescriptions will make it's effect lesser. Over time, humans develop tolerance when exposed to regular dosage of medicines. In addition, there is also a high possibility that the patient will be drug dependent thinking that without it, a good nights sleep is not possible.

This article doesn't aim to discredit existing medical treatments available today. Rather, this article aims to help people suffering by providing them with alternative methods that they can try. All if not most of these remedies are easy to follow and backed by logical reasoning.

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Below is a compilation of home remedies that you might have looked over

Insomnia Home Remedy #1 Be Comfortable

The market today is inclined to favor aesthetics over comfort and function. As an evidence of this, shoes going as high as 5 are increasingly becoming common even if wearing them is so much painful for the feet. Likewise, people pay extra for purchasing beds, mattresses and furniture that please only the eye. Your comfort level is as important as aesthetics. Your comfort can be a factor why you are having issues with getting a good sleep.

Insomnia can be easily triggered by changes in our comfort level. Even a small change in temperature, body positioning, noise or light can already cause a disrupted sleep. Think about your bedroom and see if this is the problem. The amount of light that enters your room can be managed too. Place blinds and curtains in the room. If the light is still penetrating, you can use a sleeping mask. Unmelodic noise can be managed by using earplugs.

Insomnia Home Remedy #2

Watch what you eat and drink before sleeping. While it is foolish to drink alcohol and coffee if you want to sleep in the soonest possible time, it is also worthwhile to mention that other drinks like teas, sports and energy drinks can also keep you awake.

Insomnia Home Remedy #3

Increase water intake. When we we're young, we we're told to limit our water intake before bedtime to reduce the likeliness of bedwetting. But based on the conclusions of a behavioral research, an increase in water intake at least 4 hours before bedtime can regulate body systems. The increased fluid circulation can help you fall asleep fast and for longer.

Insomnia Home Remedy #4

Increase you consumption of foods that can make you sleepy. There are a lot of food and snacks that can assist you in having a good sleep. Examples of these types of food includes turkey which has Tryptophan content, milk, cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, soy milk, soy nuts and grain cereals. Opt to focus on them and you can decrease your chances of having insomnia.

Insomnia Home Remedy #5

Use Natural Herbs and Supplements. Valerian and spearmint are a kind of herbs which contains natural mild sedatives that can be used in replacement of sleep aids. There are also modern sleeping potions such as 5-HTP or Melatonin which may not be readily available but can be as effective as over-the-counter drugs.

These insomnia remedies really sound simple but with constant use and application, they can be a powerful treatment for those suffering from the sleep disorder.

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