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Will Men Ever Feel Safe Enough To Express Their Feelings?

Emotions are the most powerful force a human being has. When we're young, our emotions are raw and very much at the forefront of our awareness. As we grow older, we are subjected to countless in-validations regarding what we feel. We are incorrectly taught what feelings we are "allowed" to have and which feelings are not ok according to our gender. This miseducation has reeked havoc on our society for generations.

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More specifically, men (in general) are taught that sadness, empathy, compassion and fear are not emotions they are allowed to have, and to express such sentiment means they are behaving like women. This makes no rational sense, and from a psychological stand point, appears to be the byproduct of deep-seated homophobic issues created by the male figures in a boy's life.

Men are indoctrinated since childhood:

"Boys don't cry"

"Earn your respect"

"Win at all costs"

"Don't let them see that you're hurt"

"Toughen up"

"Don't be a pussy"

The indoctrination is so severe that there are even some women who believe men should be this way also. Yet, one of the biggest complaints women have is "my man refuses to talk about his feelings". I wonder why? 20, 30, 40 years of programming that says "only women are in touch with their feelings. You're not a woman are you Johnny?"

It's not a life guys. Men, we need to back off of each other, and release the homophobia. Let men have their feelings. It doesn't make us women, it makes us human. The more we are in touch with our feelings and can articulate them accurately, the healthier we are mentally, physically and emotionally. We will have a better quality of life and relationships. I promise you.

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