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Women and Running

These days, in case you haven't heard, women are running the world. According to many measurements female runners are now making up nearly 50 percent of the entire running population. Keep in mind, that female participation is actually growing!

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Two decades ago, females consisted of only 5 percent of all runners. The growth of female runners in the world is a revolution, that much is clear. This is happening because running is actually the perfect sport for women. Most females are disciplined and have great determination. They've been trained all their lives to be great at their jobs, motherhood, running a household and much more. These are all attributes that are required for runners.

The bonus is that running doesn't require any real skill. You don't need to learn how to hit a back-hand, or shoot a free throw. Running is a natural motion that any human can quickly master. Click here to visit my blog and learn even more.

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