Reminiscing Activities for Seniors

Reminiscing is an activity that we all enjoy. The enjoyment that this activity brings increases as we age. We all cherish the happiness that we have experienced in life. Those moments that have made their way into our hearts are those that we enjoy remembering and sharing with others.Senior Showing Old Photos

As we get older, we value those special times that have been particularly remarkable in our lives. Seniors, especially, enjoy thinking back on times that have gone by; they enjoy the experience of being nostalgic about those situations, events, and experiences that have brought them happiness.

In this brief guide, you will learn about a few reminiscing activities that older adults are sure to enjoy.

Evaluating the Personal Space

The first reminiscing activity for seniors involves evaluating the individual’s personal space. Look around their living area. Look for pictures, art, and decorative items that are within the space. Inquire about them.

For example, if you see a family picture framed in their living area, inquire about the people within the photograph. Oftentimes, they will not only expound on who each person is, but they may also pull out memories associated with one or more of the people.

If you see decorative items – such as figurines – in the personal space, perhaps ask where they got them. In most instances, those items are cherished and there will be a happy memory associated with them.

Looking Through Photo Albums

Most older adults have at least one photo album. Look through the album with your older loved one. It is rare for people to keep photographs of situations, people, and events that bring them sadness. In most cases, each picture will represent a good or happy memory.

Once you inquire about that memory, other happy memories are likely to immediately follow. Photo albums are also an excellent means of obtaining information about how an older adult lived and what was important to them throughout their lives.

Childhood Toys

We all remember those special childhood toys that we had as kids. For an older adult, these may include a handmade wagon made by a grandparent, their very first bicycle, a doll that was created by their mother, a dollhouse created by a brother, a rocking horse, wooden blocks, Tinker toys, a pogo stick, a hula hoop, or those famous Roy Rogers plastic figures.

There are many toys that bring back wonderful memories for seniors. Those awesome farm toy sets, their first toy train, or even those old-fashioned view-masters may bring back a lot of special memories that will allow them to think back about their family, their siblings, their friends, and the way things used to be.


There are many wonderful ways to reminiscence with seniors. Not only will the activities in this guide help bring a smile to an older loved one’s face, but it will help in keeping their memories alive.

It does not matter if your loved one still lives independently or they live in a memory care facility, you should take the time to sit down and allow them to walk through their memories.

This will increase their happiness levels, make them feel valued, and will make their world a very special place, despite the hardships that the aging process brings.

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