Beacon Senior Advisors
Our Free Services Include…

Personalized Consultations

Experience tells us that no two situations are alike, so we spend one-on-one time with our clients, getting to know their individual challenges and needs.

Client Education

Making sure that all involved parties are aware of all of the options available for their situation s a very important part of the service that we provide to our clients.


Each case may involve issues that require extensive research AFTER we listen to you. We guide you to the best team of professionals for your situation.

Scheduling Visits & Tours

Once we’ve done the appropriate research we even schedule visits to, and ccompany you on tours of, the facilities we have identified that may meet the needs of your individual situation.

Post-Placement Visits

Our job is not over after we’ve matched someone to a facility. Post-placement visits to make sure your loved one is thriving in his/her new home is another service we provide.

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