The Benefits of Working With a Certified Senior Advisor When Searching for Residential Care Facilities for Your Loved One

When searching for a residential care facility for your loved one, you should work with a certified senior advisor. These professionals will help in guiding you through all of the options you have, as well as the costs associated with each. Senior advisors have all of the inside information on the industry, the availability within each facility, and which of the available communities have the best standing within the area.

These professionals have the knowledge and the unique skills necessary to match the needs of your loved one to a safe home that is affordable and offers the unique care that they require. Continue reading to learn the benefits you will experience when working with a senior advisor.

Tours and Approvals

The first benefit to working with a certified senior advisor is that these professionals take tours of all available facilities within a region and engage in a comprehensive screening process.

This ensures that the facilities are in direct compliance with the regulations as put forth by the state, have a good and respected standing within the community, and offer services that are both positive and productive to patients.

Unique Needs

Certified senior care advisors know and understand that each patient has their own unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to residential care. These professionals will meet with your family to uncover the unique needs of your loved one.

Once the session is completed, they will be able to match your loved one to one or more facilities that are ideal for their unique situation. Additionally, the advisor will be willing to assist you on tours, help you in making your decision, and support your decision by helping with the paperwork and the official move-in.

A Free Service

If you choose the right certified senior care advisor, you will find that their services are completely free. Naturally, this is not always the case, so, you have to approach the endeavor carefully. We here at Beacon Senior Advisors offer a 100% completely free service.

We believe you have enough going on without having to worry about paying the help during this very challenging time. We will help you find an appropriate facility that is based on your loved one’s medical needs, financial situation, lifestyle, and location.

Ease of Service

Services with a certified senior care advisor may be initiated either on the internet or on the phone. It starts with a few easy questions and then an in-person meeting will be scheduled. This allows the advisor to get to know you, your loved one, and your family.

An assessment is then performed to learn what type of care your loved one needs and to determine which type of residential setting is best suited for them. If you are ready for comprehensive support, guidance, and assistance, contact us here at Beacon Senior Advisors today

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