What Is the Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program Offered by the State of New Jersey?

The Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program is a specially-designed program that assists residents of the State of New Jersey who meet certain eligibility requirements in paying for certain types of medications.

These include prescription medicines, insulin and the necessary needles for the administration of insulin, syringes, injectable medications and their associated supplies for those that require them for multiple sclerosis.

The card received with the program works with the Prescription Drug Plans offered through Medicare Part D. This program aids in reducing the amount that an individual has to pay for their medications and associated supplies. 

a pharmacistWho Is Eligible for the Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program?

Individuals who are residents of the State of New Jersey and is either 18 or older and receiving Disability benefits from Social Security or 65 or older are eligible. Additionally, if single, the current annual income must not exceed $38,769 and $48, 769 for those that are single.

If married, the income cannot exceed $45,279 and $55,270. Each individual that applies to the program must participate in the Part Day plan with Medicare. 

Why Should Someone Sign Up for the Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program if They Already Have Medicare Part D?

The benefits that are received from the Senior Gold Program are designed to assist in making the coverage offered by the Medicare Part D plan increasingly more affordable.

It actually reduces the amount that a person pays out of their pockets for the medication itself, associated deductibles, and co-insurance. It also helps with the well-known gap in coverage that many refer to as the “donut hole”. 

What Is a Senior Gold Program Participant Responsible For?

If a person has been approved and is a participant in the Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program, they will have to pay the monthly premium that is charged by the Part D program. They may choose which Part D program that they want to participate in. Additionally, if there is a late enrollment fee incurred with Medicare due to the fact that they were late for signing up for the plan but failed to do so, they are responsible for paying that, too. 

Members will be required to pay a copayment that totals $15. Additionally, they must pay 50% of the cost that remains associated with each of the medications obtained. Once a single person has reached expenses that exceed $2,000 or a married person exceeds expenses of $3,000, the only requirement is the $15 copayment on each medication for the associated balance on that particular period of eligibility. 

What Is Not Covered on Senior Gold Benefits? 

Diabetic testing supplies – such as lancets and the necessary testing strips – are not covered. If a person requires these, they must have a type of health insurance that the pharmacy may bill for those supplies. 

Where Can I Get More Information about Senior Care and Programs? 

If you have an interest in receiving additional information about senior care and associated programs offered to aging populations – such as elder care living facilities, memory care, and other topics – you may contact us here at Beacon Senior Advisors today by calling the following number: 973-713-0096

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