Legal Guardianship

How Do I Have a Loved One Declared Mentally Incompetent in the State of New Jersey?

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In the State of New Jersey, the law states that a mentally incompetent individual may receive placement under guardianship by the courts unless that individual created a valid power of attorney prior to becoming incompetent. A power of attorney grants a designated individual the right to make all decisions relating to the protection and the… Read More…

Obtaining Legal Guardianship to Manage the Care of an Elderly, Cognitively-impaired, or Otherwise Disabled Loved One

Elderly Care

When a loved one becomes cognitively-impaired, disabled, or elderly, it may become necessary to gain legal guardianship over that individual. This is often considered a highly necessary step in ensuring that you are able to appropriately manage the care of your loved one. The laws surrounding legal guardianship vary from state to state and the… Read More…

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