March is Social Workers Month!
Social Workers: Powerful Advocates for the Aging Population

Gerontological-based social workers – who are also referred to as “geriatric social workers” – assist in the coordination of the care and safety of patients that are elderly. These social workers can be found in many different settings, such as health clinics, residential health care units, hospitals, adult day care centers, and communities designed for older adults.  Social workers may also be geriatric care managers who work directly with seniors and their families. As the population of older adults continues to grow, the demand for social workers who specialize in elder care continues to grow. The good news is, people are living longer, healthier lives due to the developments within our health care system. The bad news is, it has now been determined that the sector that specializes in elder care is now in need of more sophisticated and extremely robust services. Social workers provide this and are considered to be the most powerful advocates for those that are part of the aging population.

The Problem

Social Workers are Powerful Advocates for SeniorsAs people grow older, they experience numerous complications. These include becoming isolated and alone due to direct losses – such as death – and the need for help in activities of daily living. They may suffer from financial instability due to having to live on a fixed income and may not be able to obtain that which they want or need. They may suffer from depression due to their increased limitations and/or decreased abilities. The elderly may also suffer from complicated health issues such as anxiety, decreased mobility, dementia, and heart disease. As a result, they become increasingly reliant on relatives, friends, and health care providers. The shift from their youth to their golden years may prove highly challenging. They require powerful advocates to help them with the transition. Advocates who will ensure that their mental, physical, and emotional needs are met.

The Solution

Geriatric social workers are the solution to the many problems faced by today’s aging populations. These professionals counsel families, advise, and provide therapy to seniors. They teach the elderly person’s loved ones how to support the person and help them through the aging process. They act as a communication liaison between the person they represent and the team that provides care for them. They do what it takes to make certain that today’s aging population has direct access to the tools, resources, and services that they need to live a healthy, safe, and happy life.

Rewards are Numerous

The work that a senior social workers and geriatric care managers do for the elderly is highly rewarding for both the professional and the individuals with whom they work. These professionals connect deeply with those who have great needs. It is a gratifying, though often challenging, endeavor that requires a vast amount of education, training, skills, and knowledge. Social workers do more than talk. They are capable of coordinating care, are familiar with insurances and how they work, and understand the necessity for the proper health care of each person they service. Social workers are the most important and powerful advocate for any senior. Be it in an assisted living center, a nursing home, a hospital, a senior community, or their own home. Thank you to all social workers for all that you do! Robert Petroro of Beacon Senior Advisors is experienced in building a team of professionals to help your senior loved one with all of their care and safety needs. If you would like to learn more about our FREE services, have a desire to connect to an advisor, or obtain a referral to a geriatric social worker for an older adult, simply contact us today by calling us at 973-713-0096 or by visiting our website

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