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Geriatric Social Work: Skills Needed to Effectively Work with the Elderly

Geriatric Social Worker Skills

Geriatric social workers are highly educated and specially-trained professionals who ensure that the physical, psychological, and social needs of older individuals are being met. In most instances, “older” is classified as anyone 65 years of age or above; however, there are many situations in which geriatric social workers work with individuals that are younger. Examples… Read More…

March is Social Workers Month!
Social Workers: Powerful Advocates for the Aging Population

Social Workers are Powerful Advocates for Seniors

Gerontological-based social workers – who are also referred to as “geriatric social workers” – assist in the coordination of the care and safety of patients that are elderly. These social workers can be found in many different settings, such as health clinics, residential health care units, hospitals, adult day care centers, and communities designed for… Read More…

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