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How Do I Protect My Older Loved One from the Flu?

Senior Getting Flu Shot

Since the emergence of the coronavirus that originated in China in December 2019, all eyes have been on the rapidly developing situation and the confirmed cases of both the infected and those that have died as a result of the virus. However, there is another virus that is rapidly spreading and sickening millions of individuals… Read More…

Reminiscing Activities for Seniors

Senior Showing Old Photos

Reminiscing is an activity that we all enjoy. The enjoyment that this activity brings increases as we age. We all cherish the happiness that we have experienced in life. Those moments that have made their way into our hearts are those that we enjoy remembering and sharing with others. As we get older, we value… Read More…

Which Vaccines Should People Over 50 Get?

Senior Getting Vaccine

Vaccines are most commonly associated with the regular checkups of children; however, in recent weeks, the emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine has young adults, the middle-aged, and seniors experiencing a new interest in vaccines. Throughout our lives, we must receive vaccines in order to protect against infections that have the potential to cause a significant… Read More…

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