Challenges of Aging

How to Deal with Hallucinations Experienced by an Older Loved One with Dementia

Dealing With Hallucinations Experienced By Older Loved One With Dementia

According to information from the Alzheimer’s Association, approximately 16% of all elderly patients that suffer from the various forms of dementia will experience hallucinations. These are false or unreal sensory-based experiences that may include those that can be seen, heard, tasted, and even seemingly touched. Despite a person’s best effort to inform the dementia sufferer… Read More…

Common Home Hazards That Could Put Seniors in Danger

Common Home Hazards That Could Put Seniors in Danger

When we hear the word “home”, we often relate this to security and safety. However, for older adults, these may not be the only words you associate with “home” due to the possible hazards contained within and around a residence. In a world where home injury ranks high on the charts as a direct cause of immobility… Read More…

What Are the Early Signs of Memory Loss in Older Adults

Signs Of Memory Loss In Older Adults

As individuals grow older, it is increasingly likely that memory loss may start to occur. According to most, one of the biggest concerns among older adults and their loved ones is that as they grow older, they will become more forgetful. This stems from the fact that most people believe forgetfulness is the first sign… Read More…

March is Social Workers Month!
Social Workers: Powerful Advocates for the Aging Population

Social Workers are Powerful Advocates for Seniors

Gerontological-based social workers – who are also referred to as “geriatric social workers” – assist in the coordination of the care and safety of patients that are elderly. These social workers can be found in many different settings, such as health clinics, residential health care units, hospitals, adult day care centers, and communities designed for… Read More…

Types of Elder Abuse and The Signs to Watch Out For

Signs Of Elder Abuse

As we age, most of us will reach a point in which we must rely on others. This reliance may result from our inability to properly care for ourselves, our homes, our finances, and other aspects of our lives. If you are reading this, it is likely that you have yet to reach this point… Read More…

How to Reduce Senior Isolation and Loneliness

Reducing Senior Isolation And Loneliness

Senior isolation is a common issue. As the aging population continues to grow, isolation and loneliness will continue to occur. While this may not seem like a serious issue, it could have many serious health consequences for those older individuals that experience it. The baby boomer generation is entering into and crossing over into the… Read More…

How to Talk to Your Parent About Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

Talk to Your Parent Talking To Senior Parent About Moving Into Assisted Living Facility .jpg

As your parent grows older and into their senior years, there may come a time when it is no longer considered safe or appropriate for them to live on their own. This time typically becomes evident when you notice that they are unable to complete common, everyday activities on their own. As an adult child,… Read More…

The Top 5 Challenges That Face Seniors That Live Alone

Seniors That Live Alone

According to statistics, approximately 46 million seniors live in communities across the nation. Out of this amount, an average of 30% live alone. While it is not at all uncommon for adults to live independently, the aging process often results in the inability to do and handle the tasks that young and middle-aged adults are… Read More…

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