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Social Work Month: Social Work Breaks Barriers

Social Workers Month

March is the federally-declared Social Work Month in the United States. This year, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) will take an active role in leading the 2023 celebration. The theme is “Social Work Breaks Barriers”. This theme highlights the highly innovative techniques utilized by social workers to aid in the empowerment of those… Read More…

March 2022 – The Right Time to Celebrate Social Work Professionals

National Social Work Month

National Social Work Month is celebrated each March to place an emphasis on the outstanding profession. This March, the official theme is “The Time is Right for Social Work”. Social workers are considered to be the “unsung heroes” of our world – especially when it comes to senior care. This year’s proclamation informs us that… Read More…

March is Social Work Month – Social Workers Are Essential

Social Worker

In March 2021, agencies around the country will celebrate Social Work Month. This annual event highlights all of the ways that social work benefits our society. This year, the theme is “Social Workers are Essential”. The contributions that social work professionals contribute to our society are invaluable, especially during this period of time -when the… Read More…

March is National Social Work Month – Take Time Out to Show Your Appreciation to a Social Worker That Has Had a Meaningful Impact on Your Life

Each and every single March, National Social Work Month is celebrated. This year, the theme behind the celebration is “Social Workers: Generations Strong”. This theme is often identified – officially – as the “Proclamation”. It is based on the fact that the individuals that work within the profession have dedicated their life’s work to strengthening… Read More…

Geriatric Social Work: Skills Needed to Effectively Work with the Elderly

Geriatric Social Worker Skills

Geriatric social workers are highly educated and specially-trained professionals who ensure that the physical, psychological, and social needs of older individuals are being met. In most instances, “older” is classified as anyone 65 years of age or above; however, there are many situations in which geriatric social workers work with individuals that are younger. Examples… Read More…

March is Social Workers Month!
Social Workers: Powerful Advocates for the Aging Population

Social Workers are Powerful Advocates for Seniors

Gerontological-based social workers – who are also referred to as “geriatric social workers” – assist in the coordination of the care and safety of patients that are elderly. These social workers can be found in many different settings, such as health clinics, residential health care units, hospitals, adult day care centers, and communities designed for… Read More…

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